Treasure Fingers' OG Treasure EP out today!

In 2015 Treasure Fingers launched Psycho Disco with the Koolaid & Sunny-D EP, the first taste of what was to come. The thirst-quenching EP was quickly followed up by releases from Landis LaPace, 909 Til Infinity, Funk Manchu, and DMFR.

Now Treasure Fingers is back with his second EP on Psycho Disco, OG Treasure, a nod to the sound that launched his career. The richly layered and playful productions of “Music Life,” “I Do Need You,” and “Brony Funk” are crunchy piano-centric reminders of dance music’s origins. Chopped and screwed vocal lines complimented by contrasting synths display the producer’s ability to turn mechanical beats into warm and chewy grooves. With a focus on the fun side of House, Treasure Fingers delivers another EP full of choice cuts favored by DJs and dancefloors alike.